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The Vodafone Broadband app

Control for you and your family

Family Time lets you set up your own family network and control who uses your broadband and when.

You can use it to tailor access for every member of your household, including when children can go online.

Plus, you can set up a Guest Wi-Fi network for visitors to use.

Boost your Wi-Fi speed

With Boost, you can prioritise Wi-Fi speeds to one device when you're downloading in a hurry.

It's ideal for those moments when seconds count – like when you need to download a movie ahead of a long journey, or an album ahead of a cosy evening in.

Focus and strengthen your signal

If you want an uninterrupted signal for a particular device*, Beam will send a stronger signal wherever you are in the house or garden.

It's perfect if you're streaming, gaming or enjoying a video chat and don't want to be interrupted by buffering.

The Vodafone Broadband router

A powerful device for both standard and advanced users, The Vodafone Broadband router caters for ADSL2 + /VDSL2 and Fibre connections, and offers plenty of innovative features.

Our router features Dual Band concurrent Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 802.11ac with Beam – beamforming technology* to ensure the best possible signal in your home.

Technical specifications

*To check if your device is beamforming-compatible, read its specifications to see if it supports '802.11ac Wi-Fi.'