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Powerful, dependable and secure

With two beautiful gradient colours, a Leica triple-lens camera and an in-screen fingerprint sensor for ease of use, Huawei’s P30 is everything you’d hoped for and more. Sporting a double-sided curved glass body and gorgeous 6.1-inch OLED screen. With super-fast charging you can quickly re-fuel during a coffee break or before you leave home – so you’re always ready for business.

  • Take breathtaking photos using a Leica quad camera with 40MP, 16MP, 8MP and time of flight cameras
  • Super-fast charging and ultra-long-lasting battery
  • Convenient and secure in-display fingerprint scanner
  • Artificial Intelligence chipset for a faster, smoother experience

Buy the Huawei P30

3 reasons it’s great for business

Number 1

Keep your information secure

In-display fingerprint sensor gives you – and only you – fast, secure access to your phone.

Number 2

Get more done on your commute

A powerful battery and intelligent power management lets you do more, for longer.

Number 3

View documents on the go

The 6.1-inch screen is great for viewing work documents when you’re away from your keyboard.

Reaching a new peak, the Huawei P30 is pushing the envelope of smartphone photography. Take brighter, clearer photos with a wider angle and better zoom. Explore the mystery of the celestial at night, watch an eagle circle through the sky or examine the delicate details of crystal. Capture the best things happening now and create your vision for the future.

Refuel in minutes

Charging is no longer a hassle, but a painless task. Charge your phone up to as much as 60% power in 30 minutes. Ideal before you leave home or during a coffee break.

Crystal-clear display

The EMUI 9.1 chipset enhances the overall experience of your device for a smoother and more efficient experience. Its AI capability learns from any suspicious activity it detects and analyses the possible threats to your applications, warning you of any risk to keep your device protected.

Free your eyes

Wirelessly project your video, audio and presentations to the big screen with Huawei Share. And in PC mode, you can use your Huawei P30 as a laser pointer or a trackpad to navigate a presentation.

Intelligent touch, absolute comfort

Hold the Huawei P30 comfortably with one hand while a more advanced in-screen fingerprint sensor swiftly unlocks it.

See both sides of the story

Two rear cameras work at the same time allowing you to both watch and zoom in at the same time. Enjoy the moment from different perspectives with Huawei Dual-View Video.

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