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Vodafone Business Advance

Provide your people with access to the data they need to be at their best.

Vodafone Business Advance keeps your employees connected with the flexibility they need for success. Each of your colleagues gets their own plan, complete with unlimited UK calls and texts and an allowance of data. All individual data allowances are then pooled together and shared across your business to suit the way your people are working – creating a single, streamlined solution that answers the needs of everyone.

Our Business Advance plans come with a range of additional features to give you a tailored solution that’s right for your organisation.

Vodafone Business Advance

Vodafone Business Advance

See how data sharing with Business Advance can help keep your employees connected.


Find out how Vodafone Business Advance can work hard for your business.


Smart data usage

Every business knows the benefits of pooling resources – and data works the same way. By giving your people access to one pool of data you can ensure that no one runs out when they need it most.


Boost efficiency

Sharing data means less waste. If somebody is always using less than their allowance, then this doesn’t go to waste – it just means somebody else has more when they need it, saving you money while your people stay connected.


More control

Sharing data ensures that everyone uses it efficiently. No more unexpected costs when some individuals exceed their allowances, and you stop the wastage of data allowances that aren’t being used by others.

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You can tailor your plan to meet the working needs of every individual – giving Business Traveller plans to those who work abroad and enabling you to grow your business.

Features included in select Business Advance plans


Out of Hours support

With Business Advance Extra plans, you’ll have Out of Hours access to our UK-based team. You can contact them 7 days a week – from 6pm to 8am on weekdays and 24 hours a day at weekends.

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Worry-free roaming

Business Traveller is included in all plans. It’s just £2.50 (exc. VAT) a day to use your UK allowances in our Europe Zone 2, and £5 (exc. VAT) a day in our World Zone. Choose a Business Advance Traveller Plan and there’s no daily fee for Europe Zone 2.


Calls to non-geographic numbers

Business Advance Extra plans come with 300 minutes to non-geographic numbers – ensuring your people can do business smoothly without worrying about the costs.

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