The facts

  • 27 percent 27 percent

    Just 27% of the average person’s contacts with friends are made in person – 21% is by phone, 17% is by email, and 15% is through social media.

  • 82 percent 82 percent

    The average person has 3 other Internet-enabled devices in addition to their computer – 82% have a smartphone, 64% have a tablet and 34% now have a Smart TV.

  • 52 percent 52 percent

    52% of consumers have researched a product online using a mobile in-store in the last 6 months.

  • 4 percent 4 percent

    Only 4% of shoppers are ‘Traditionalists’ who research and buy entirely in-store wherever possible. 53% will research and buy entirely online, while 43% are ‘Clicks & Bricks’, researching one way and buying in the other.

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The digital impact on buying behaviour

Helen Milner is the CEO of Tinder Foundation, a UK-based charity that’s working towards a world where everyone benefits from digital.

She shares her views on how digital is having an impact on buying behaviour and business, and how retailers are responding to the impact of the digital revolution with services like Click-and-collect.

And beyond consumers, businesses have to also consider digital implications for their employees.


The Connected Shopper - infographic

Brands need to be omni-channel to be successful. 60% of shoppers still visit stores but 96% of shopping journeys have a digital component. One top tip from the report is always to plan for the range of devices used by customers for shopping and service channels. Their experience with the brand is key.

Buying behaviour
Buying behaviour

The digital impact on buying behaviour – the full report

What does the reality of our connectedness mean for companies in dealing with people – both as consumers and as employees? If you’d like to know the answers to these questions, and discover the true state of play of connectivity, then this report aims to outline this for you.

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