The facts

  • 69 Percent 69 Percent

    69% of HR managers think Millennials are integrating easily into workplace, and enjoy working with them.

  • 32 Percent 32 Percent

    For Millennials, the biggest driver of satisfaction is lifestyle benefits, with 32% saying that they’d seek a new position solely to improve their work-life balance.

  • 19 percent 19 percent

    Only 19% of SMEs advertise on job search engines, despite these being used by over half of Millennials

  • 59 Percent 59 Percent

    59% of experienced SME employees say millennials have taught them something new.

Don’t just take our word for it


Why Millennials are breathing new life into businesses

Matt Martin, Managing Director of Retro Mountain, explains why fellow Millennials are so important to business today. He talks about his experiences, giving a first-hand insight into the minds of Millennial jobseekers. 

Matt believes Millennials are more concerned with what businesses can offer, such as flexible working conditions and work-life benefits, and not just money.


Millennials breathing new life into the workforce – the full report

We uncover how to capture and retain precious Millennial talent and how this generation play an integral part in a productive workplace. From increasing online visibility and social interaction to promoting a better work-life balance and collaboration technologies, this report can help determine your recruitment and retention strategies.


How to boost your SME with Millennials

54% of experienced staff we surveyed think Millennials help businesses stay up-to-date with technology. This helps them stay ahead of the competition and meet increasing customer demands.

If you’re a SME, our animated infographic shows the key ways for you to attract Millennials into your workforce.

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