The facts

  • 72 percent 72 percent

    When asked to name the Top 3 contributors to a strong community, 72% of leaders said a healthy population, 71% said community trust in public services, and 69% said efficient local government.

  • General-77percent 77percent

    77% of the public want to manage all of their dealings with the government either completely (25%) or mostly (52%) online.

  • General-66percent 66percent

    66% of public sector leaders believe there are common issues of low trust, lack of openness and low engagement

  • 72 percent 72 percent

    72% of public sector leaders believe a community will prosper with a healthy population.

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Future opportunities for digital services in the NHS

Roy Lilley is a health policy analyst, writer, broadcaster and commentator on the NHS and social issues. He explains how a range of patient services are being radically reappraised to help the NHS achieve the proposed government cuts.

This includes how nurses and patients can use mobiles, apps, electronic devices and Facebook communities to improve patient care.

Strength Communities

Strengthening communities – the full report

Two-thirds of public sector leaders believe that low levels of trust in public services like health and transport is an issue compounded by a lack of transparency and too little community engagement.

This report shows how public sector organisations need to improve the quality of services while explaining how the public can access and use those services in an era of radical technological change.

Strength Communities
Nottinghamshire county council
Nottinghamshire county council

Nottinghamshire County Council – a case study

The Council gave 100 tablet devices to frontline workers in Adult Social Care to access emails, calendars and patient information on the go. With a 20% reduction in travel time, a 17% increase in productivity, and massive savings made, it’s not surprising that they're rolling out a new platform for 2,200 users.

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