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Vodafone Building Surveillance

You may not realise it – but your CCTV system has the potential to do much more than safeguard your business

By connecting your cameras to our Internet of Things (IoT) network with Vodafone Building Surveillance, not only can we make your existing security system more reliable, more cost-efficient and more secure – we can also turn it into a powerful analytics tool that will give you valuable business insights.

Vodafone Building Surveillance

How it works

Diagram showing how Building Surveillance works

Managing your Vodafone Building Surveillance solution is easy

You can manage all your connected cameras from one secure and easy-to-use Building Surveillance Management Console. This cloud-based platform provides a single, centralised view of all your visual data.


Configuration and control of your connected cameras


Set-up and management of alerts and notifications, for instance, to determine next best action based on visual triggers


Management and retrieval of footage stored by approved personnel using any web-enabled device



Compatible with all CCTV systems

Regardless of equipment type

Cloud storage

Unlimited cloud storage

Stores your footage safely in the cloud

Highly secure

Highly secure

Encrypts visual data between your camera and the cloud


Single online management console

Monitor and review footage from any camera, in any location

Access control

Build-in access controls

Give authorised staff different access rights


Cryptographic footage marking

Ensure the footage you capture can be used as verifiable evidence

Pie chart

Analytics and business insights

Turns visual data into information that could be critical to your business


Real-time alerts

Configure your console to alert you based on visual triggers and events

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