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IoT smart 

From Crop to Centre Court with Vodafone IoT Technology

MyFarmWeb: From crop to Centre Court

Strawberries at Wimbledon are iconic – so getting them right is a must. A trusted supplier of 30 years, Hugh Lowe Farms hand-pick every strawberry at dawn each day of The Championships, ensuring they're perfectly ripe. Last year we helped Marion and her team deliver the best quality strawberries, on time, each day with our Mobile Asset Tracking and MyFarmWeb, a cloud-based IoT solution for farmers.

Achieve more than you ever thought possible with IoT and smart technology

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is about to transform the way you do business. But what exactly is it? And how can it help you meet your efficiency goals, overcome challenges, reach new markets and more?

Your IoT vision made possible

IoT makes your assets smarter – and your business more successful

Put simply, IoT is about enabling objects or devices to transmit information about their status, or their surroundings, over the internet. They then become ‘smart’. (Hence the name smart technology). It does this by putting a SIM-enabled device into an object so that it can transmit and receive data over a mobile network.

Getting the most from smart objects

Adding sensors to a smart device allows it to communicate a wider range of data. Connecting it to our IoT network gives it increased coverage. There’s even a solution for hard to reach places, such as underground, through pioneering narrowband technology.

A huge range of applications

All sorts of things can become smart. A car, a camera, a fridge, a street lamp – the possibilities are endless. We’ve even collaborated with a company called Moocall to create smart cows. A SIM-enabled device attached to the cow’s tail alerts the farmer when it is ready to calve.

IoT Smart Solutions

The benefits of IoT and smart technology

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Optimise your business

The Internet of Things can unlock new potential in your assets to collect and transmit business information in real time. This can help you improve efficiency, accelerate decision-making time and save money.


Reduce maintenance costs

Remote monitoring and analytics will minimise the need for routine maintenance visits. Systems can be maintained and repaired remotely, meaning your engineers and service teams can manage their time more efficiently.


Delight your customers

Using the data you collect about customers from your IoT applications (such as Smart Surveillance), you can better understand their needs. It lets you develop and improve your products and services to offer an enhanced customer experience.

Light bulb

Transform your business

By giving you instant access to information, as well as data-led insights, the Internet of Things can help you change direction, innovate and create additional revenue streams – from new ways to deliver services to up-to-date, usage-based charging models.


Improve sustainability and save money

Smart buildings enable you to use real-time data to optimise your energy consumption for things like heating, air conditioning and lighting. As well as saving money, this can reduce energy use and carbon emissions


Stay on the right side of the law

Connected technologies can help you comply with new regulations that affect the movement of people and goods, sustainability issues, data compliance, or the safety of your workers and customers.

Unlock valuable business information

IoT insights

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