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Get £200 of social media advertising on us

When you sign up to three Unlimited mobile plans. Ready to grow your small business on social media? We're here to help.

Reach new customers online with Vodafone Business

You can rely on us to keep your business connected with Unlimited mobile plans while you focus on reaching new customers and growing your business with a digital marketing boost – on us.

This offer is available to existing and new Vodafone Business customers with 1-9 employees.

Getting the most out of your £200 social media ad spend

Discover Steven Bartlett's top tips for getting the biggest impact for your business through social media advertising

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Maximising your money on Facebook

Steven Bartlett's top tips for Instagram advertising

Making an impact on Instagram

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Learn how to reach new customers online with V-Hub

Benefit from free 1-to-1 sessions from digital experts and online digital training and workshops to build digital skills, as well as a 50% discount on WeWork office space to boost productivity.

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"Vodafone V-Hub opened our eyes the possibilities of reaching nearly 240,000 potential new customers in only four days. With help and guidance from the amazing (and patient) V-Hub team we gained new skills and lots of confidence to reach out to customers through the many social media platforms in a confident professional manner".
– Steve Farley

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1 to 9 employees

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become eligible for the £200 social media advertising spend?

What can I spend the £200 social media advertising on?

How do I claim my £200 social media advertising virtual card?

How long does the £200 social media advertising funds last for?

How do I claim the 50% discount with WeWork?

Terms and conditions

Reach of 75K people and 115K impressions based on the average numbers following a trial conducted with 5 and 4 small business customers, respectively (the ‘Trialists’). Trialists were supplied with £200 credit to use on social media advertising and were assisted by a Vodafone V-Hub advisor. ‘Reach’ is total number of people who viewed content and ‘impressions’ is number of times content is displayed on the screen of an individual’s social media platforms where Trialists advertising was displayed. Both metrics are estimated.

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