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Steven Bartlett's 10 Tips For Starting In Business

Steven Bartlett, Entrepreneur and Vodafone Business Ambassador, shares his top tips for starting a business, including why he’s passionate about working with Vodafone Business.


Entrepreneur Steven Bartlett is an author, podcast host and the founder of a £400 million social marketing business. Steven is also the BBC’s latest Dragon, acting as an investor on Dragon’s Den, and has joined Vodafone to become our business ambassador. He knows that being in business means being ready to adapt, to change, to invest and to keep up with trends, and that this applies to digital trends now more than ever.

Vodafone Business have pledged to help 150,000 SMEs with free digital support from our business.connected initiative. From workshops and webinars to e-learning and personalised advice, business.connected from V-Hub is our partnership with Enterprise Nation. Our aim is simple; to offer any SME access to a range of  free tools and training, in order to help your business thrive in the digital landscape and take your business to the next level.

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Steven Bartlett on becoming a Vodafone Business Ambassador.

Steven Bartlett's 10 pieces of business advice

Steven also took the time to discuss the pieces of advice he wishes he could have given himself when starting out. Steven hopes that sharing these top tips will help your whereever you are on your business journey. 



Steven Bartlett's ten top tips for business success.

Imposter syndrome is perfectly normal

Everyone feels this occasionally. Remove negative thoughts and instead view this as an exciting time of growth. 

Nothing is more important than consistency

It’s fine to have short bursts of intensity, but over time, it’s important to keep consistent.

There is never a perfect time to start

You may not feel completely ready, but do what you can today.

Complacency will kill your business

Don’t stay in your comfort zone - the biggest risk is taking no risks at all.

You should sweat the small stuff

Think of those marginal gains that will make the big difference in your business' success story.

The only constant is change

Ensure you have a culture that embraces and capitalises on change so you’re not left behind.

Prepare for the worst now

Hacking is on the rise in business, so prepare now to mitigate the risk.

Know who and how to hire

A company is a group of people – make sure they are the correct ones for your business.

Keep learning

Innovation and education is the key to ensuring your business moves forward with combined team knowledge.

Get yourself digitally trained

Learn from trusted experts to keep expanding your digital knowledge.

For more support you can also speak to one of our Business Advisers by phone or web chat. Wondering what you can ask? Our team can help with a range of digital topics

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