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Meet the Guests of Series 2 of our Business Unusual Podcast

Come and meet some of the most inspiring founders and entrepreneurs in the UK.
Each has built their own incredible business and learnt valuable lessons along the way that they will be sharing with us in our second series of Business Unusual.

Get an intro to our guests and catch a new episode of our podcast every Tuesday. 


Vivien and Howard Wong, otherwise known as the sibling power duo and co-founders of the ice cream company Little Moons re-join Claudia to talk about Little Moon’s dramatic growth through the app TikTok. They also discuss the dynamics of founding a business as partners and they even share an exclusive secret about a brand new flavour.

Taymoor and Claudia chatter about Papier’s three unique selling points – design, quality, and personalization. Taymoor also discusses the importance of less talking and more doing and why passion is a better motive for starting up a business than pound signs.

Claudia and Farah catch up on all things EX1 whilst discussing the value that can be found pushing boundaries, in failing and also having relentless faith in your concept.

Ailbhe and Claudia catch-up about social media shop windows and how an online video helped Izzy Wheels to grow and collaborate with brands such as Hello Kitty, Barbie and Disney.

Claudia talks to Jamii founder Khalia about the importance of supporting small businesses, throwing yourself into the deep end and harnessing the power of storytelling.

In this episode, Claudia and Michelle talk the launch of Peanut Menopause and spotting the forgotten demographic. Michelle also shares tips on how to navigate female empowerment in the business world.

Steven joins Claudia to chat about leading the way in one of the world’s fastest moving sectors, knowing when to quit and becoming the youngest ever member of Dragons Den. We also hear about Steven’s new company Catena Capital and the importance of embracing insecurity.

Grace Beverley talks to Claudia Winkelman about the importance of social media in launching her business (Tala took 10,000 orders on its first day). We hear about Tala’s ‘audience first’ approach to acquiring a customer base; and how, for Tala, sustainability is a defining factor in every decision the business makes.

Chief Squirrel Pip Murray speaks to Claudia about creating a fun work culture that values balance and squirrel-based job titles, as well as how Pip & Nut is using it’s business as force for good in the local community.

Listen to Ning Li speak to Claudia Winkleman about growing his businesses, and Typology and the fundamentals of hiring to fit the company ethos.

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