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Use QR Codes To Benefit Your Business

QR codes are more than just a pandemic trend. Now, businesses are using them every day to simplify business tasks.


You might think QR codes are simply a tool used for tracking parcels or on restaurants menus, but their potential for businesses is huge. Whilst they’ve boomed in recent years when things needed to be done digitally, they’re actually a handy tool that businesses should be taking advantage of for the future.

But how can your business use QR codes? From advertising to redirecting traffic towards your website, they provide a simple and effective way of doing tasks that originally could be time-consuming and, not to mention, expensive. And with 84% of the global population owning smartphones with a QR code scanner, you could gain a lot if you  use it right.

So, here’s a few ways you can unlock the power of the QR code to benefit your business:

Direct customers to your website

QR codes can be put almost anywhere and they’re extremely simple to use. Add them to flyers, posters, digital signage or just about anywhere your target audience will be – and your customers simply need to scan to be sent to your site. Not only will this help boost traffic, but it means you’ll maximise your website’s potential and increase awareness of your brand.

Track and trace campaigns

For businesses to understand the value and success of any campaign, they need data. However, this can be hard to gather with some campaigns, particularly print. But QR codes can help change this.

When you add a QR code to a poster or advert, this instantly makes the campaign traceable. By providing data on scanning activity, you can understand when and where your customers are interacting with your campaign and how much. Then, you can leverage this valuable insight to understand how successful it’s been, whilst also using this information to inform future campaigns.

Capture customer information

Want to get to know your customers better? There’s a QR code for that too. Adding QR codes to receipts or emails is a simple way for you to collect customer feedback about your business. All you have to do is generate the code and it can direct customers through to surveys or encourage them to leave reviews. Then, you can use this insight to keep them coming back.

Share important information

Want to share information about your business or a product without overloading your customers? QR codes can deliver information straight to your customers in a quick and easy scan. And when you make something easier for your customer, they’re more likely to engage with it.

You can also place a QR code on product packaging to share insight into ingredients, manufacturing processes, as well as sustainability credits. Alternatively, add them to posters, ads or emails to direct customers to relevant pages on your website.

Link to promotions and loyalty programmes

In every business, the customer comes first. And QR codes can make sure you’re doing just that and building a loyal customer base. How? Using QR codes that link to loyalty schemes or discounts won’t only help boost sales, but it can increase engagement with your business too. All your customer needs to do is scan to collect points for rewards or to activate their own personal discount code.

On the surface, QR codes might seem to have a few uses in day-to-day business. But, when you look beyond the surface, they’re a small and effective tool when used in the right way. And when you start maximising their potential, you’ll be a scan away from success.

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