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Software Defined Networking

SDN - Software-Defined Networking from Vodafone

For anyone who runs a network, SDN is about to change the world

Vodafone Ready Network

The future of enterprise networking is here. The final major technology leap. Find out what it means for your business in this video.

What Vodafone Ready Network means for you

Welcome to the Network of Possibilities

The world has changed. 

It’s time for an enterprise network designed for the cloud-first organisation.

A network that improves how we connect people, places and things for the better – and makes more, possible.

Where organisations can realise the promise of the software-defined network sooner rather than later. 

Welcome to Vodafone Ready Network.

Software-defined networking made simple

This video, with no acronyms and no jargon, gives a clear explanation of SDN using a train set.

Software-defined networking explained

Key benefits of SDN

Visibility Visibility:

SDN gives you a single, real-time view of your whole network so you’re always in the know.


Cost Cost:

SDN reduces the management burden with new levels of network automation and control – and enables least-cost routing.


Control Control:

SDN enables centralised control of your network, based on policies you choose from a set of options.


Flexibility Flexibility:

SDN lets you respond rapidly to business and application needs, provisioning bandwidth and new capabilities to your network on demand.


Security Security:

The virtual network environment makes it easier to update your security rules, across all sites, devices and the cloud.


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Discover the enterprise network designed for digital

Unhampered by speed, cost and complexity issues. One that fast-tracks innovation and supports growth.

SDN Insights

Get the lowdown on everything SDN in our series of blogs

Finally, the enterprise network has a revolution to call its own

By Anne Sheehan

Unified communications revolutionised how we use voice and video. The cloud how we deliver applications. IoT how we connect, manage and map our devices. Now, it’s the turn of the enterprise network. In this blog we explain how SDN is about to change everything.

Why SDN won’t be a ‘thing’ for long

By Jon Buckthorp

Wasn’t long ago there was huge buzz about this thing called the cloud. Today, it’s just something we take for granted. Crucial for doing digital business. We believe the software-defined network is destined for the same indispensable future. Read why in this blog.

What SDN and the music industry have in common

By Larry Dutton

The way we record, distribute and listen to music has changed enormously. We’ve gone from LP to cassette to CD. But the real leap was from hardware to digital streaming. Enterprise networking is about to make the same leap. Learn how in this blog.

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