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A new line connection fee of £50 (exc. VAT) may apply. All prices exclude VAT.

* For more details, please see the Vodafone Business Broadband and Phone Price Plan Guide under ‘Useful resources'.

** Service available upon request


Features and extras

  • Increased call value Increased call value

    Call features fit for business

    Choose from a range of additional call features such as 3-Way Calling – perfect for conference calls with clients. Or pick our Call Management bundle with Call Waiting, Call Divert and Anonymous Caller Rejection, which allows you to screen out calls from numbers you don’t recognise.

  • General-Better service levels General-Better service levels

    Better service levels

    Your business can’t stop working just because your phone line does. With Support Plus you’ll get business-quality SLAs where faults will be fixed within 1 working day – or within 8 hours with the optional Premier Support service.

  • Never miss an opportunity Never miss an opportunity

    Never miss an opportunity

    Voicemail comes as standard – but choose Voicemail Plus and you’ll be able to access your messages wherever you are. Or choose Smart Divert, and you can divert your landline to your mobile while you’re out the office and never miss a call.

  • More calls, more savings More calls, more savings

    Massive savings

    If you need to keep in touch with your customers on the road, or with partners across the globe, you can choose from a range of additional extras such as Anytime Landline & Mobile, Evening & Weekend or International 300* – all at a great price.

    *For more details, please see the Vodafone Business Broadband Price Plan Guide under ‘Useful resources’ on the Business Broadband and Phone page

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