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“When it comes to saving a life,
seconds make the difference.”

Peter – Volunteer, South Central Ambulance Service

We’re helping First Responders get to incidents quickly

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) provide 999 emergency response and NHS 111 care to residents within Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

Operating 365 days a year, SCAS serve seven million people across these four counties; a bigger population than Toronto and more people than in the city of Madrid. With demand growing all the time.

Integral to the organisation is its 1200 Community First Responders; members of the public who volunteer to assist their local community by attending life threating emergency calls.

SCAS needed a new communications solution that would help get first responders to a scene, quickly and with all the information they needed.

It makes my onsite time much quicker and I can focus on the job, not on the communications. That’s what’s important.”

Peter Cooper – Community First Responder, South Central Ambulance Service

We're supporting the Ambulance Service with our More than Mobile solutions and we can support your business too.

The solutions powering business performance

We’re helping businesses reach their potential

“I need one foot in the office, one on the pitch, and an eye on the ball.”

Jordan & Joe – Founders, LLS Academy

“I can’t afford for my last minute orders to get delayed.”

Nick – Life’s Kitchen Catering

“I need to sleep at night, without the nightmare of losing any calves.”

George– Cattle Farmer

“My time should be spent providing care, not worrying about admin.”

Donna – CareTech

Interested in our Business Solutions? We’re here to support you in a way that’s so much more than mobile.

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