Let our bespoke communications solutions work for you

Welcome to Vodafone

Thank you for choosing us as your communications partner. We look forward to working closely with you so we can meet your organisation's individual requirements. Our aim is to enable you to:

  • Get closer to the public
  • Improve the effectiveness of your workforce
  • Simplify your communications
  • Secure your organisation's information

The network you can depend on

Our network has been the network of choice for commercial and public sector organisations for the last 25 years. In fact, we now have over 1 million public sector customers. The levels of service and security we provide are extremely high.

This is reflected by the fact that we were the first network operator to achieve Business Continuity Standard BS255999 and CESG accreditation for our remote connectivity solutions.

We have even been recognised by our competitors O2 as the network that offers the fastest mobile internet browsing.

Keeping your business one step ahead

From simple mobile email solutions to sophisticated applications on your phones, we have everything to keep your organisation on the move.

We are committed to supporting you in a number of ways – from analysing your teams' requirements to keeping your services running smoothly. And through our partnerships with leading technology providers, we will continue to find innovative new ways to help you get more from your communications.

We can help you simplify and improve the way you work with colleagues, partners and suppliers. Our unified communications solutions integrate your fixed, mobile and internet communications into one seamless service – saving you time and money every day.

And our secure remote access solutions make it easy for your staff to access email, the web and your organisation's networks – without compromising security.

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