Changes to your price plans

Premium Rate Changes

Why are the prices increasing?

The prices we’re charged are set by other suppliers. So as they’ve risen, we’ve had to increase our prices to reflect them.

Which numbers will cost more?

  • Calls to directory enquiries118 500 and 118 404 will cost £2.50 a minute. All directory enquiries numbers have a one minute minimum call charge. Charges for all other directory enquiries remain unchanged.
  • Premium rate calls, which start with 09, will now have a minimum cost of £0.50 (previously £0.41) and a maximum per minute charge of £1.75 (previously £1.63).
  • Voice Short Codes, such as numbers used to call TV competitions, will now have a minimum one minute call charge. The cost of calls will vary from free to £1.67 a minute, depending on the number you dial; the service provider will let you know the cost of the call.

When does this change happen?

From 1 November 2012.

Are there any cheaper alternatives?

Yes, there are alternative directory enquiry numbers. Our own directory enquiry number is 118 881 and this remains only £0.71 a minute with a one minute minimum call charge.

How can I find out about all my premium call charges?

To find out more about call charges, please click here.

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT

For more information, please visit our terms and conditions

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