Using your phone abroad

From 1 July 2012, new regulatory rates for using your phone in Europe are being introduced.

As you have opted in to our Vodafone EuroTraveller service, the new rates will not affect you while you’re in our Europe Zone - unless you ever choose to opt out of Vodafone EuroTraveller.

However, under European regulations, we have to tell you about the new rates - plus our spend caps on using mobile internet in our Europe Zone and Rest of World Zone.

The new European rates - for calls, texts and using mobile internet

Making a call Receiving a call Sending a text Sending a picture message Using mobile internet
28.8p a min (charged by the second with a minimum 1-minute call charge) 7.9p a min (charged by the second) 8.9p a text 37p a message 69.6p a MB

Using mobile internet abroad - spend cap

As you have opted in to Vodafone EuroTraveller, the spend cap for our Europe Zone (explained below) will not affect you. This is because Vodafone EuroTraveller allows you to take your UK price plan to our Europe Zone.

However, if you decided to opt out of Vodafone EuroTraveller at any time and to help our customers have greater control over using mobile internet when they're abroad, we automatically set the following monthly spend caps (unless our customers have chosen to opt out).

Our customers will receive notifications when they use 80% and 100% of the monthly cap. Once they've reached the cap, they won’t be able to use mobile internet abroad for the rest of the monthly billing period, unless they choose to opt out of the cap.

To opt out, text STOP to 40209 or contact Customer Services.