Vodafone Passport is closing - introducing Vodafone EuroTraveller

When is Vodafone Passport closing?

From 1 May 2013

Why is Vodafone Passport closing?

When we designed it, we only included phone calls from abroad. Now more and more people want to take mobile internet with them when they travel in Europe, so we've launched Vodafone EuroTraveller which covers standard calls, texts and internet in our Europe Zone. This will replace Vodafone Passport in Europe, and for customers visiting countries such as Australia and New Zealand, we offer 'Rest of World' rates.

What happens when Vodafone Passport closes?

Travelling within our Europe Zone
Vodafone EuroTraveller allows you to take your UK plan with you for just £2.50 a day (exc. VAT) when you travel in our Europe Zone. You just need to opt in once, and you’ll only be charged for the days you use your phone abroad (midnight to 23:59, local time). You’ll automatically be opted out of the spend limits because you will be using your UK plan. You can use all of the minutes, text and internet allowances within your UK plan (but no extras), without worrying about cost – and there’s no charge for just receiving calls. To opt in to EuroTraveller you'll need to upgrade to a Red, Red Business or Business Sharer plan - please call 191 free from your Vodafone mobile to discuss your options.

Click here for Vodafone EuroTraveller Terms & Conditions.

If you decide not to opt into Vodafone EuroTraveller, you’ll pay the EU regulated rates within our Europe Zone.

Travelling within our Rest of World Zone
If you travel outside of our Europe Zone, for example to Australia or New Zealand, you’ll automatically be charged our Rest of World rates.

Other changes to your plan

Some directory enquiries call charges are increasing. The prices we are charged by other suppliers for these numbers have risen, so we’ve increased our prices too. These changes start on 1 May 2013. The new charges are:

Calling 118500 or 118404 will now cost £2.71 a minute.
Calling 118118 or 118661 or 118888 will now cost £2.50 a minute.
Calling 118212 will now cost £2.08 a minute.
Calling 118247 will now cost £1.88 a minute.

Charges for all other directory enquiries remain unchanged. All directory enquiries numbers have a one minute minimum call charge.

Remember, our own directory enquiries is 118 881 and this is only £0.71 a minute. All prices exclude VAT.

If these changes (including any other changes we’ve made in the past year) have increased your monthly bill by more than 10% you can cancel your contract. You can do this by writing to us by 1 of May 2013 at
Vodafone Customer Care (Passport Closure)
Vodafone House
The Connection
RG14 2FN

We’ll then contact you to talk about the options available to you.

For more information, please visit our T&Cs.

New Vodafone Products to help your business

1. Vodafone EuroTraveller
Take your UK plan (excluding extras) to our Europe Zone for just £2.50 (exc. VAT) a day – and only get charged on the days you use it. Click here for terms.
2. Vodafone Data Sharer
Vodafone Data Sharer lets you share one single UK internet plan between a smartphone and up to two other devices. From only £5 (exc. VAT) a month. Clever. Easy. Affordable. Click here for terms
3. Vodafone Business Phone Insurance
Rest assured from only £6 a month for each phone. Vodafone Insurance is underwritten by Ace European Group Ltd