Live or work in London? Now you can travel throughout the capital with Vodafone Pay. Simply tap your phone to pay for journeys on London Underground, London Buses, the Tramlink, Docklands Light Railway and London Overground trains.  

To make sure you’re ready to travel, complete the following steps:

1. Check the Google Play store to ensure you have the latest version of Vodafone Wallet

2. While travelling on TfL please make sure you always tap in and out with the same card. Please don't tap in with your phone and out with your plastic card as this will incur multiple charges. 

If you need to contact TfL with any queries, you can see your virtual card details in Settings TfL settings - just switch these to 'ON'.

Key benefits

  • Rather than queueing for a ticket or topping up your Oyster card, just tap and go 
  • No more fumbling for a contactless card at a busy station – and there’s no risk of card clash (which can result in much higher charges)
  • You can check your journey and payment history on your phone by visiting your TFL online account 
  • You can take advantage of capping – which means you’ll never be charged more than the daily or weekly cap when you travel in London using Vodafone Pay. Find out more

Help and Support

Remember to register your Vodafone Pay virtual card details with Transport for London. You can find these under TfL card details in the Vodafone Pay part of the app. 

Follow the links for more information about fares and contactless payments and refunds, declined or incomplete journeys on Transport for London services. For the latter, you can also call TfL on 0343 222 1234 (standard charges apply).