High definition voice calls

High definition voice calls


Experience crystal clear calls with HD Voice from Vodafone. This new technology improves the quality of each person’s voice while reducing background noise on every call between compatible Vodafone mobiles.

What is HD Voice?

Crystal clear voice

You’ll hear a richer tone of voice from the caller. And even on a busy street, background noise is reduced to a minimum. It’s almost like you’re talking to them in person.

HD ready

HD Voice captures sound waves twice as fast as other calls, and uses a broader range of frequencies to match the range of pitch and tone in human speech.

Network dependent

HD Voice is available for Vodafone-to-Vodafone calls on compatible mobiles. The service has been rolled out across the UK on our 3G network.

Is my device compatible?


Our FAQ page has all the answers about how to enjoy HD Voice on your mobile.