Payment Services Regulation 2017

What’s changing?

On 13 January 2018 an updated piece of banking legislation came in to force called the Payment Services Regulation 2017 (PSR17). This legislation is primarily focused on banking payment services, and to increase competition in the banking sector.

However, telecom companies that charge third-party services to their customers’ bills are also covered by this new legislation. We and our contemporaries must, for the first time, limit these payment services to £240 a month and £40 for any single transaction.

As we’re obliged to ensure our customers stay within these limits, we’ve set the single transaction limit to £30 to remain compliant with the Phone-paid Services Authority.

What this means for you

What’s happening?

From 13 January 2018, we’ll monitor all our customers’ usage and spending for any services that are covered by this legislation. Some customers will be artificially capped to £240 (inc VAT) on their current expenditure even though they’d happily pay their bills.

Which services are affected?

The following services will contribute to the £240 monthly spend limit:

  • Calls to numbers starting 087,084,09 and 118
  • Calls to short codes (like voting on TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing)
  • Premium text messages (such as TV and radio competitions or virtual chat services using text messaging)
  • Charge to Bill transactions (such as video purchases, charity donations or Spotify subscriptions)


If you exceed the £240 (inc VAT) monthly threshold, then we’re required to limit your expenditure for these services by applying the Premium Rate bar and Charge to Bill bar. These won’t affect or limit any other usage or spend.

Please note: We already limit Charge to Bill transactions to £50 each calendar month, and this will now form part of the overall £240 limit. The Charge to Bill transaction limit can’t be lifted or amended by any of our customer service advisers, either in store or over the phone.

Text notifications

If you reach the £240 monthly spend limit due to any combination of services, you’ll receive a text message to let you know that these bars have been applied to your account for the rest of the month.

Useful information

For more information please visit the FCA website at

or read their report [PDF:2.1MB]