Using Mobile broadband abroad

How much does it cost?

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The amount you’ll pay to get online with your dongle, mobile Wi-Fi or tablet across the world depends on where you go – and how much data you use. Do the things you love most without worrying about the cost. Pick one of our money-saving options.

Where are you going?

To make things simple, we've split the world into separate zones:


Our rates in Europe and beyond

You'll pay the standard daily rate for using mobile broadband in our Europe Zone 1 and 2, which is £8 for up to 100MB per day.

If you go over your 100MB allowance, there’s an automatic monthly spend cap to help you control your costs.

Going outside Europe?

There's a standard daily rate for going online in our Rest of World Zone, which is £25 for up to 100MB a day (midnight to midnight, UK time).

There are individual rates for going online our Rest of World Zone 2 (Andorra, Greenland, Lebanon, Libya and Uzbekistan). Please contact us for more information.

As in Europe, an automatic monthly spend cap comes into play if you go over your 100MB allowance to help you keep your costs under control.

Travelling in Europe?

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Take your UK minutes and texts from your Bundles, Freebies or extras, and get an additional 100MB each day when travelling in our Europe Zone 1 and 2 with Vodafone EuroTraveller on Pay as you go.

Earn great Rewards

Freebie rewards

Get points every time you top up £5 or more and save them to spend on big Rewards like a new smartphone, accessory or high street vouchers.