If you have limited dexterity or mobility

Accessibility help - for those with limited dexterity or mobility

Services and features

From specialist phone services, to apps and built-in features, we have all kinds of tools that can make your life easier if you have limited dexterity or mobility.

Call 195 for free directory enquiries

  • Register first, by calling 0800 587 0195 free from your Vodafone mobile
  • You'll be given a PIN, which you’ll need to provide every time you call directory enquiries. Be sure to remember your PIN
  • To register for the service on our network, call our dedicated accessibility team on 0333 304 3222 free from your Vodafone mobile (standard call charges apply from other mobiles or landlines). The adviser will need your PIN for registration

Vodafone Voice Assistant

If you’re a Pay monthly customer and you own an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Google Home or Google Assistant, you can use Vodafone Skill to get information about your account.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are voice-controlled devices that you can use to search the internet, get the news and play music. With Vodafone Skill, you can ask the Alexa Voice Service on your Echo or Echo Dot to access your Vodafone account for information about bills, data usage and more.


Specialist phones

These easy-to-use phones and devices are ideal for people with restricted hearing, vision or dexterity.

Accessibility features

Voice Control - Siri for Apple iOS, or Google Assistant for Android.

These voice assistants let you:

  • Call someone in your phonebook just by saying their name
  • Use voice commands to search the internet
  • Dictate text messages and emails
  • Use your voice to open applications
  • Use your voice to record notes for reminders or messages

Useful apps

There are many useful apps for smartphone users with limited dexterity or mobility. We recommend Jaccede or Wheelmap. As winners of the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility award, these apps will help you find accessible public places worldwide.

Computer features

Download our guide to adjusting the font, colour and screen-reading settings.

Download our guide to setting up voice recognition.

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