Help with your broadband

Managing your router

If you’ve tried our common solutions and are still having connection difficulties, you can try some of the more advanced solutions found in your router’s General User Interface (GUI).

The GUI is a useful tool for tracking and analysing your broadband usage, as well as modifying your router settings to suit your home environment.

Accessing the GUI (General User Interface)

To access the interface, simply connect to your router and enter vodafone.connect into the URL bar of your browser to go to the login screen. Then enter your Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub admin password to access the main menu. If you’re still using your default admin password, you can find it on the bottom of your router. 

Once logged in, you’ll be able to change your Wi-Fi and hub settings, including the Wi-Fi password you use to establish a wireless connection to your broadband.

First time logging in?

Understanding your bandwidth usage

You can use your router’s GUI to analyse and better understand how you're utilising your bandwidth. Bandwidth is the total amount of data your router is capable of transmitting to all devices at any given time.

If you have lots of devices in your home your bandwidth may be stretched. As devices compete for bandwidth, some may experience a loss of connection.

Please follow our step by step guide or watch our handy video to take control of the bandwidth in your home.

Broadband help - Understanding bandwidth Step 1
Step one

To manage your bandwidth, you first need to activate the bandwidth analytics feature, which can be accessed through your router's general user interface (GUI).

To access the GUI you should type vodafone.connect into your browser’s URL field while your device is connected to the router.

Broadband help - Understanding bandwidth Step 2
Step two

Once logged in, select Status & Support from the menu, then use the dropdown menu to switch from Basic Mode to Expert Mode.

Select the Analytics option that appears on the left-hand side of the screen.

Broadband help - Understanding bandwidth Step 3
Step three

The analytics feature is switched off by default. Drag the slider and click the Apply button to start collecting data. Your data will not be available to analyse until two hours after activation. 

Collecting bandwidth data for an extended period can place unnecessary strain on your router. Therefore we encourage you to deactivate this feature after 48 hours have passed.

Limiting device bandwidth

If you wish to limit the amount of bandwidth that connected devices can use, in the event of a device using too much, you can limit it to a percentage of the total available bandwidth. Follow the steps below to do this.

Broadband help - Limiting bandwidth Step 1
Step one

To access the bandwidth limiter select Settings from the left hand side of the screen, followed by QoS Control.

Broadband help - Limiting bandwidth Step 2
Step two

QoS controls will be disabled by default. Use the slider to activate your QoS controls. All of your current and previously connected devices will be displayed.

Broadband help - Limiting bandwidth Step 3
Step three

You can now allocate a percentage of total bandwidth to each device. Please note that any devices you choose not to limit will have access to the full range of your router's bandwidth.

Selecting Wi-Fi channels and splitting SSID

Wi-Fi routers operate on one of two frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Devices connected to your router will switch between these frequencies simultaneously. 

If you are regularly experiencing interference or your connection is dropping, you can split your router SSID from within your router’s and manually decide which frequency each device should connect on.

Broadband help - Split SSID Step 1
Step one

To manually split your router’s SSID, you must first access the GUI. 

To do this you should type vodafone.connect into your browser’s URL field while your device is connected to the router.

Next, select the Wi-Fi tab from the GUI menu bar. Turn the Split SSID switch to on.

Broadband help - Split SSID Step 2
Step two

The GUI will now begin displaying two SSIDs, Main Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 2

Wi-Fi 2 will be switched to off by default. Switch it on to make both SSIDs available.

Broadband help - Split SSID Step 3
Step three

Once Wi-Fi 2 is activated, two separate Wi-Fi networks will be displayed. 

You will now be able to set a name and password for both SSIDs and choose a level of security.


Changing your default password

If you’re logging in to the GUI for the first time, you will be asked to update your default password.

Enter your default password: vodafone. Then enter and confirm your chosen new password.

Once updated, you will be returned to the log-in screen to sign in with your new password.

First time login alerts

When using the GUI for the first time, you will be reminded to update your Wi-Fi password (if you haven’t changed it already).

You will also be shown a series of alerts regarding your Local Area Network (LAN) settings. The alerts relate to device and printer sharing across your LAN only. 

Use the Don’t show again button alongside each warning to stop receiving these alerts when you log in.