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Thank you for choosing Vodafone again – it’s great to have you with us.

Your next bill might be a bit higher than your normal plan cost.

Below we explain why this is and what it’ll include.

Here’s what your next bill will include:

The next month in advance

As usual, your bill will include the cost of your plan for the next month.

A refund for your old plan

As each month is paid in advance, you’ll get money back for any unused days of your old plan from the previous month.

Your new plan until your bill date

This covers the days between upgrading and your bill being produced (the same days that you got a refund for on your old plan).

One-off charges

If you’ve added any charges to your bill, for example the upfront cost of a device or a delivery fee – this will show as a 'one time charge' on your bill.

Out-of-plan charges

If you exceed your monthly allowance of minutes, texts or data this will also be in your first bill.

Want to set a limit on out-of-plan charges?

Set up a spend limit on your account by heading to the My Vodafone app, then go to ‘Manage Bars and Extras’ on the main screen and tap ‘Spend Manager’

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