Smart Summer Sale

Get up to 50% off the upfront cost of our smart devices. Offer ends 27 September. Terms apply.


Stay connected to the things you love with V by Vodafone

Live a seamless, stress-free life with our range of smart devices, designed for both inside and outside the home. From keeping your home secure to ensuring your loved ones are safe, V by Vodafone has you covered.​


Keep track of your family members and even your pets, wherever they are.



Make sure your bags and luggage never leave your sight.



Create a safe and secure home – inside and out.



Manage everything directly from the V by Vodafone app.


Bring the family together

Limited time offer - get 50% off

V-Kids Watch

Enjoy peace of mind while the kids are out exploring – this GPS tracker lets you know where they are at all times.


V-Pet Tracker

Tack your furry friend and monitor their daily activity with this compact, pet-friendly GPS tracker.

V-SOS Band

This lightweight wristband supports independent living for older and vulnerable people.

Travel without hassle

Limited time offer - get 20% off

V-Bag Tracker

Make sure your luggage never leaves your sight with this slimline GPS tracker.

V-Multi Tracker

This tracker is the easiest way to locate your laptop, backpack or any other valuables.


Keep track of your journeys and get all the support you need while out on the road.

Smarten up your home

Limited time offer - get 50% off

V-Home by Vodafone Safety Starter Kit

Keep your home safe – even when out and about – with this range of smart devices

V-Home by Vodafone Automation Kit

Enjoy intelligent control of the lighting throughout your home.

V-Home by Vodafone Detection Kit

Avoid any potential emergencies with these smart alarms and detectors. 

All you need, all in one place

The V by Vodafone app lets you manage all your V by Vodafone devices from your smartphone. It’s the simplest way to stay connected.




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