Stay connected, the simple way

Easy to use phones and tablets

With big buttons, brighter screens and louder alerts, these easy to use phones are streamlined versions of their more popular counterparts. Think of them as simpler, no-nonsense alternative phones. You can still do all the basics, from sending pictures to checking your emails. What's more, because they don't have as many features as a smartphone, they don't need charging as often.

If you have limited vision, hearing or dexterity, then these mobiles are designed with you in mind. They're all available on Pay as you go, so you only spend what you use. We've also got some easy to use iPads and tablets. With a bigger screen size, you get bigger buttons, bigger text and an alternative way of staying connected.

MobiWire Ayasha

MobiWire Ayasha

The MobiWire Ayasha is affordable, small and light, with a large, bright screen and physical buttons. It's a very simple-to-use mobile, featuring a camera, radio and torch, at excellent value.

Easy to use iPads and tablets

Other than the fact they don't have a phone receiver built into them and have a much larger screen size, tablets are very similar to smartphones. So they're great to read and type on, particularly if you have limited dexterity or vision.

With a connected tablet, you can access your emails and browse the internet. Most come with a built-in camera too, so you can make video calls and send pictures.

iPad family

Good to know

Phones and tablets can make online shopping simpler thanks to clear, reliable apps, as well as the familiar web browsers found on computers.

They'll keep you entertained with crosswords, chess or games with opponents anywhere in the world. If you love reading, they have apps for e-readers like Kindle, so you can carry around as many books as you like without any extra weight. Ideal for globetrotters.

Tablets don't have phone receivers, but they can make voice and video calls over the internet. Using simple apps (downloadable features) such as Skype and FaceTime, you can talk to your family and friends, or even see them face-to-face.

These apps can also be really valuable if you need to give or receive help. Suppose your niece needs help with homework - you can make a sketch, or work through an equation together. She can help you learn about a new Spotify feature by showing you where to find it on your screen.

There are also lots of apps which let you use your tablet as a phone (Voice Over Internet Protocol) where calls go over the internet, rather than the mobile network. WhatsApp and Facebook messenger are two of the best known - but there are plenty to choose from.

When selecting the right phone for you or an elderly relative you may want to consider a phone with large buttons, simple menu navigation and hearing-aid compatibility.

Some of our cheapest phones are basic models that are ideal if you're just looking for a phone for calls and texts. And, they usually have great and longer lasting battery life.

The best way to choose the best phone for you is to go to your nearest Vodafone retail store and try out a simple phone versus a smartphone. Test out some of the functions that you'd use most often, such as finding numbers, writing text messages, and browsing the internet. This will give you a better understanding of the type of phone you'd prefer.

We truly believe that we offer products and services are for everyone. We're here to help you get the most out of your devices so if you have restricted vision, difficulty hearing or speaking, or have limited dexterity or mobility, we're here to help. We offer SignVideo interpreting and text-to-voice/voice-to-text, and Braille bills. To find out more see our accessibility services.

The main hearing and vision charities, and manufacturers like Samsung and Apple, have lots of advice on their websites. There's also advice on the web about the best apps for elderly people, and people with a visual or hearing impairment, or mobility issues.

With our Protected Service scheme you can choose a trusted friend or family member to manage your account on your behalf.

Your phone or tablet can be a great help in checking and maintaining your health. Even the simplest phones have reminders, so you can set up prompts to take medication or get out in the fresh air. Smartphone and tablet apps can record and analyse your vital statistics such as blood pressure. There are also apps that help you make the most of fitness wristbands, smart watches and other 'wearable' devices.