Fingerprint scanner

What's a fingerprint scanner?

Fingerprint scanners, or fingerprint readers as they’re sometimes called, are sensors in your mobile phone that are used to verify your identity.

They were first introduced in 2013 as an important security feature and were located on a smartphone’s display inside the home button.

Which phones have a fingerprint scanner?

Some smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Google Pixel 6 Pro now have a fingerprint sensor in their screen display, whilst devices such as the OPPO A54s have one on the side, and some phones also have them located near their rear camera on the back.

By placing your finger on the sensor, you can unlock your phone, open apps, access secure emails, and confirm online payments.

In recent years, many of the latest Apple and Android devices now come with Face ID that lets you unlock the phone by holding your face close to the screen.