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Best touchscreen smartphones

Get your hands on some of the most impressive touchscreen smartphones on the market

Believe it or not, the first touchscreen phone, the IBM Simon, appeared in 1992. Weighing in at just over a pound, with no colour screen or multi-touch functionality, it bears little resemblance to today’s touchscreen smartphones – though it was cutting edge in its day.

Today’s touchscreen phones boast capabilities that the creators of IBM Simon could only dream of. Pinch and zoom, iPhone’s 3D touch, and long press on Android make it easier to quickly access and use your favourite apps. Here are a few of the most impressive touchscreen smartphones.

Google Pixel 3 XL

Immerse yourself in a colourful viewing experience with the 6.3-megapixel OLED display of the Google Pixel 3 XL. It runs on the latest Android Pie operating system, so your apps open up quickly with a tap, and switching between screens feels fluid. Choose from multiple options to control the vividness of your displayed images – Natural Mode provides the most accurate colours, while your pictures come out brighter and more intense in Saturated Mode.

Apple iPhone XR

iPhone XR’s display stretches all the way to the corners of the phone, providing an all-screen look. Tap to wake the breath-taking 6.1-inch LCD screen and everything you see will look true to life – thanks to the wide colour gamut and advanced colour management technology. A six-channel light sensor subtly adjusts white balance on the screen to match the light around you, so your pictures will always look natural.

Apple iPhone XS Max

Featuring the largest screen ever on an iPhone and the highest pixel density of any Apple device, iPhone XS Max looks simply stunning. It’s new Wide Colour Management feature makes differences of colour and shade stand out better than ever. It even adjusts light balance according to your surroundings, to give more true-to-life colours.

Bright colours and rich details

Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 has a nearly bezel-less Super AMOLED screen, which intelligently adjusts the contrast, so your photos and videos will always be bright and rich in detail – even in direct sunlight. Enjoy the 6.4-inch Infinity Display without being annoyed by the sensors, as they’re all hidden away to provide an uninterrupted view. And if you’re quite the artist, make the edge-to-edge screen your canvas with the signature S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

See more. Hold less.

The 5.8-inch Infinity Display of the Samsung Galaxy S9 takes up almost the whole of the front of the phone and even blends seamlessly into the sides – so you get more screen for the size of the phone. Its Super AMOLED technology ensures deep blacks and vibrant colours, so your images look more realistic, plus it offers amazing visibility even in direct sunlight.

Samsung Galaxy S9