Huawei cameras

Huawei is known for its superb cameras, featuring stunning technology such as Super Night Selfie – which brings the Super Night mode previously used in the rear cameras to the front, creating sharper images taken in low-light conditions. The Super Night Selfie camera takes several images in low-light settings, merging them into one brighter, higher-resolution image.

Other features include Macro mode (a lens that allows you to take extreme close-up shots from a very short distance), Bokeh effect (Huawei’s portrait mode which focuses the subject of the photo and gives the background a dramatic, blurred effect), and Moon Mode (which can focus on the moon and capture it in unparalleled detail). All of these features (and many more) come automatically with Huawei’s advanced AI.

The latest Huawei camera features include: 

  • Ultra Wide Cine camera (as seen with the P40 Series)

  • 3D Depth Sensing camera (as seen with the P40 Series)

  • 10x Optical Telephoto camera (as seen with the P40 Series)

  • Colour Temperature sensor (as seen with the P40 Series)

  • Enlarged 1/1.28-inch sensor (as seen with the P40 Series)

Huawei Leica cameras

In 2014, Huawei was looking for ways to improve the camera quality in smartphones, and they formed an exclusive partnership with Leica, a German company that manufactures cameras and lenses. You'll only find the Leica name on the back of Huawei flagship devices.

The first phone showcasing the collaborative efforts of Huawei and Leica was the Huawei P9, released in 2016.

Since then, Huawei has pushed the boundaries of just what a smartphone camera can do, culminating in the Leica Quad Camera System.

A powerful camera system, it comes with a 50-megapixel Ultra Vision camera, a 40-megapixel Ultra Wide Cine camera (perfect to create cinematic video), a 12-megapixel telephoto lens (which allows for a longer reach, showing objects further away in better detail) for crystal-clear photography and a 3D Depth Sensing Camera (which enables real-time depth detection and creation of professional bokeh effects).

Paired with the intuitive chip system used in Huawei devices and the revolutionary switch from using RGGB (red, green, green, blue) colour sensing to RYYB (red, yellow, yellow, blue), Huawei cameras capture light and detail for truly breath-taking photos, even in low light conditions.

Huawei camera features

Hybrid zoom

With the Leica lens and the powerful Huawei software, the Quad Camera System gives users a spectacular 10x hybrid zoom.

Huawei’s hybrid zoom uses dual cameras in a different way than has traditionally been done. It uses the powerful software of the Kirin processor to mix data from two cameras at different focal lengths in order to retain more of the image’s detail when zooming in.

This is different to traditional digital zoom, where a camera will crop the object they’re zooming in on and scale it up, losing a bit of resolution in the image captured.

1x zoom

5x zoom

10x zoom

Macro AI and capturing unmissable details

Sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of your face - and while the Huawei Leica technology can zoom in awe-inspiring detail, it also captures intimate detail up-close with the macro lens.

Capture the essence of an object from as close as 2.5cm, with the macro AI bringing to life vivid colour patterns, textures and tones in incredible detail.

Forward-thinking tech to take you back to the basics

Huawei technology works to get you back to nature. Rather than work against the outdoors, the AIS Long Exposure Shot makes for one of the best camera phones to take with you on your outdoor adventures, travels and life-defining moments. Capture the roar of a river, the serene stillness of an ocean or the luscious technicolour of a landscape in rich detail.

The intelligent Kirin chip also works to correct any unsteady hands for pictures so clear, you won’t need to say 'wish you were here'.

Additional Huawei features

Add some Augmented Reality to your photos

Augmented Reality stickers - AR Lens - is a new fun feature for Huawei. Place 3D digital objects inside the camera viewfinder and turn your already-awe-inspiring photos into something different altogether. You can add a variety of stickers or change the background of your photos.

To access the feature, open your Huawei camera, select More and click the AR lens option.

From here, your creative choices include:

  • Customised effects for your photos or videos: Touch Gesture effects, and then swipe through the on-screen options.

  • Adding effects to your photos or videos: Touch Effects and select an animated sticker. Use the different buttons on screen to take a photo with the selected sticker or shoot a video with the selected sticker. Some animated stickers have sound effects that will be automatically added to the video.

  • Changing photo or video background: Touch Backgrounds, select a background, and follow the on-screen options and instructions.

If you have a photo you love and you think it would make a great background, you can add that to the options for Backgrounds. Go to Gallery, press the plus icon and add that photo to Backgrounds. When you use your front camera, you can then use this chosen photo as your surroundings.