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Why choose a device from Vodafone's Smart range?

Each one of our slick, stylish devices was designed to deliver our great range of content and services, across our award-winning 4G network. Enjoy some of the best entertainment, great data deals and Extras, at prices that will surprise you. Take your home plan abroad to 152 destinations worldwide too, when you take out a Pay monthly plan.

Latest Vodafone products

Everything working perfectly in-sync

Our devices are designed to work perfectly with our services, so you can relax knowing that your new phone or tablet will make sure you get the best out of everything Vodafone has to offer.

Vodafone Smart E8


Smart E8

A nicely-priced Pay as you go phone, the Smart E8 delivers smart and fast interactions, fuelled by the Nougat Operating System (7.1), and 8GB of storage.

Vodafone Smart first 7


Smart first 7

A simple entry-level smartphone, the Smart first 7 is perfect for older children and teenagers eager for their first phone.

Vodafone Smart mini 7


Smart mini 7

The Vodafone Smart mini 7 is a great pocket-sized device, ideal for someone looking for the smartphone experience without breaking the bank.

Vodafone Smart N8


Smart N8

With a 5-megapixel front camera that’s perfect for selfies and a 13-megapixel rear camera to capture life in HD, you can snap great memories with the Smart N8.

Vodafone Smart Tab N8


Smart Tab N8

Enjoy superb sound quality and a wide 10.1-inch viewing experience, plus the Android Nougat operating system, providing exhilarating performance and speed.

Explore Vodafone tablets

The budget-friendly Vodafone Tab speed 6 boasts an impressive 16GB of storage with the option of boosting its memory to 64GB with an SD card, so you can take more of your photos and music with you wherever you go.