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Watch Emma’s tips on how to find a digital-life balance


Emma Bunton and her family took Vodafone’s Digital Family Pledge to get up to speed on four hot topics - screen time, social media, cyberbullying and gaming - and agree some digital house rules together. Here she shares what she’s learnt.

Be a tech role model


Charlotte Robertson, co-founder of leading digital wellbeing organisation, Digital Awareness UK, shares her top tips on how to be a better tech role model to your children.

The latest 5 apps every parent should know about

At Digital Awareness UK, we speak to thousands of young people each week and get exclusive access to their insights on the latest apps and crazes that are sweeping across the online world.

Get on top of sleep and screens

It’s no secret that our tech can prevent us from catching some zzz’s at bedtime. But let’s face it, encouraging your child not to reach for their phone, tablet or console during the night is no easy task...

Tips for parents on how to kick start the conversation

In schools across the UK and around the world, young people will spend the day discussing how to use technology safely, responsibly and positively...

How Emma makes digital family life work

Vodafone challenged the Bunton-Jones family to take the Digital Family Pledge and make a commitment to each other about how they will use tech and act online.

Viral bullying: Ranks, Ratings and Stickers

It’s a common worry for parents – is my child being bullied online? We speak to thousands of young people each week...

Parental controls & filtering advice

Tips, tricks and advice for setting up parental controls and privacy settings on mobile networks, devices, apps and websites.

#Goldilocks: A fairytale for the digital age


Decoding coding

Coding (or programming) involves designing, writing, testing and maintaining computer programmes. You might wonder why this is being taught at schools but in fact...

Who owns what you post on social media?

Clicking the ‘Yes’ button to indicate that you have read and agreed to a social media channel’s terms of use is, for most of us, often not quite true... 

Awkward conversations and how to have them

Psychotherapist Mark Linington offers advice for tackling tricky topics.

Protecting kids from in-app purchases

The Office of Fair Trading is urging developers to take action to ensure kids don’t run up big bills from in-app purchasing...

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