Playing video games is a great way to spend time as a family but what will appeal to everyone? From your youngest all the way up to the grandparents, our top tip is to find video games that involve teamwork and a little friendly competition. Here are six games that are exactly that, and will create many fun family memories:


1. Suitable for all ages, Mario Party 9 is a multiplayer party game everyone is invited to. Players ride across stages together in special vehicles, battling to defeat classic foes like Bowser and King Boo as they boost their own individual scores. It also includes 80 outrageously fun minigames that find players making pizzas, escaping haunted mansions, and racing snowmobiles.

2. Overcooked is a team cooking game that involves a race against the clock. Suitable for ages 3+, it can be played by up to four people at once. This rather chaotic yet fun cooking game involves working with your fellow chefs to prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders before your hungry and demanding customers storm out in a huff.

3. Get your dancing shoes on for a bit of Just Dance 2020 (3+). With over 500 songs and 40 chart-topping hits there’s bound to be a tune to get everyone grooving. There’s also pre-made playlists for every mood and moment, allowing players to easily customise their Just Dance parties. Kids Mode is also great for younger players, with eight new kid-friendly dances and various curated songs to choose from. Up to six players can take part at once.

4. Lego Dimensions is an action-adventure game that allows players to put real Lego mini-figures and models on a special plinth to control them on screen. The best part of the game? The Battle Arena mode, which invites up to four players into a series of fights, using any characters they own. Want to see what would happen if Harry Potter faced off against Sonic the Hedgehog? Now you can.

5. Heads Up is a smartphone and tablet version of that classic party game where you have to try and guess the celebrities, movies, animals, accents, or characters on the card before a timer runs out. It’s a great way to keep the family entertained on a long journey and it even tallies the scores on your phone, so there’ll definitely be no cheating to squabble over. Suitable for ages 12+.

6. Minecraft is the single best-selling video game of all time, and for good reason! In Minecraft, players explore an intentionally blocky, pixelated 3D world which offers hours of creative family fun together. Join together to create a scale replica of your favourite place, or build a completely new fantasy world - it’s up to you.