Quick easy wins to help your family be smartphone safe and secure:

Is your phone set to auto-lock? Protect your device with a pattern, pin, password or fingerprint.

Are your passwords tough enough? Use upper and lower case letters, numerals and special characters and – though it’s hard – to try use different passwords for various sites.

Do you think about what you snap? Images accidentally shared online can give away private information about your location, e.g. school uniforms, street signs and door numbers.

Are you keeping things private online? Social media privacy policies and settings change regularly, so check them every time there’s an update.

Have you turned off location-sharing geotag functions? Only leave location-related services on when you need them, and only for those who need them. Otherwise, turn them off…

If the worst happens and your phone is lost or stolen, you may want to protect your data by wiping it quickly and remotely. Many operating systems have a range of third-party, dedicated remote wipe applications to choose from for an additional fee.