Free XQISIT Wireless Fast Charger with your new device

RRP £30. Terms apply.

To say thanks for your patience, we’d like to offer you a free XQISIT Wireless Fast Charger, on us.

What happens now

Your free Wireless Fast Charger will be delivered with your new device, so you can keep your phone charged anywhere, anytime. So long pesky plug-in cables!

Its sleek unobtrusive design allows it to fit in with any space. It comes with short-circuit and overcharge protection and an output up to 10W. QI-certified. Also includes a 1-metre long USB cable.

We’re working with the manufacturer to ensure we get it to you as soon as possible.

Remember, you can track your order by going to and entering your order number.

No, the colour will either be black or white, subject to availability.

Fast Charger is compatible with most phone brands that support Qi fast charging. The charging starts automatically, so no need to plug in your phone. Easy.