Sony Xperia 10 (Like New)

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Sony Xperia 10 (Like New)

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Sony Xperia 10 (Like New)

Explore the dazzling multimedia features of the Xperia 10 - complete with a spacious 21:9 Wide Display, dual cameras and exquisite sound system. Learn more

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Get ready for an enhanced cinematic experience – the Sony Xperia 10 boasts an ultra-wide 21:9 extended display that lets you get lost in your favourite movies like never before.

See more, scroll less

Run two apps at once without having to scroll too far – the Xperia 10 lets you enjoy a new level of multitasking thanks to its 21:9 Wide Display. The Full HD+ display has the same ultra-wide format as your favourite blockbuster movies, so you can enjoy them just as you would at the cinema.

Shoot for the stars

Start recording your own movies in an eye-opening 21:9 cinema format. Add an artistic touch to your photos with the bokeh effect, or let Superior Auto pick the perfect scene from 52 scenarios.

Sound – check

Hear your favourite music just as the artist intended with the Xperia 10's High-Resolution Audio technology. Thanks to Smart Amplifier, you can enjoy rich, crystal-clear sound whatever the volume.

Built to last

Benefit from extended lifespan and more daily use with Xperia Adaptive Charging, and never overcharge your phone again thanks to Battery Care. To top that, Smart Stamina adapts to your usage to keep you powered up for longer.