Out-of-plan prices are changing

At Vodafone, we're always working hard to provide you with the award-winning service you deserve. To do this, we need to increase the cost of some calls and texts that aren't included in your plan.

Prices will change from November 2019 (you’ll find the exact date in the text you’ve received). But don't worry, there are no changes to the cost of your Pay monthly plan or any Extras you have with us.

What we're changing

Out-of-plan service

Current price

New price

International calls to the rest of the world (outside Europe)£2 a minute£3 a minute
Premium rate or non-geographic calls (084, 087, 09, 118 numbers)55p access charge65p access charge
International texts35p65p
International out-of-plan charge for International Saver/Red Entertainment*10p a minute19p a minute

*If you have an International Saver add-on or an Entertainment plan that comes with inclusive International minutes, the amount you pay should you use up your allowance will increase from 10p per minute to 19p per minute.

For more information on our price changes, see our charges guide

We’ve got the perfect solution for you…

If you regularly make calls or texts outside of what’s included in your plan, here are some ways you can keep costs down.

If you regularly

You’d benefit from

How to add it to your plan

Send international texts100 international texts for £5 a month.Text INTTEXT to 97886 or visit My Vodafone to add it to your plan.
Make international calls to the rest of the world100 international minutes for £3 a month.Text ADD INTL100 to 40506 or visit My Vodafone to add it to your plan.
Make non-geographic calls300 non-geographic minutes for £2.50 a month.Visit My Vodafone to add it to your plan.

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