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Keep track of your favourite things with our range of smart devices.

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Stay connected wherever you are, thanks to the world's second-biggest network.

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Introducing: Neo

The smart kids watch featuring Disney

Neo is designed to help you stay connected to your kids, from calls and chats, to viewing the device’s location on a map from your phone, whilst they enjoy hours of fun with some of their favourite Disney characters.


The smart GPS tracker. Small in size, big on smart.

Curve is as compact as it is clever. Follow Curve in real time with GPS, create your own Zones, or choose different GPS tracking modes to match what you track. Simple to use, light as a house key and less than two inches in diameter, Curve will help you track almost anything. Just clip it to a bag or attach it to a set of keys using the keyring accessory.

V-Pet Tracker

Follow every paw print.

Dogs love being off the lead. Keep tabs on their location with smart GPS tracking - plus advanced fitness tracking lets you monitor your pet's health and wellbeing. It's also waterproof and comes with an LED light, for the muddiest evening walks.

Vodafone Smart App

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Set up your smart devices and manage your price plans all in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“IoT” stands for “Internet of Things”.

It’s a term used to describe the network of all the devices that can connect to the internet and how they can talk to each other and share information. Everything, from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables, can all interact with one another, share data, and make your life easier.

More and more manufacturers are building IoT-friendly devices, and our global network is at the forefront.

In short, a lot.

Think being able to turn the oven on while you’re on your way home from a run or checking your house’s security cameras to keep an eye on your kids if they’re being suspiciously quiet. GPS trackers can help you find misplaced luggage in a crowded airport and keep tabs on your pet when you let them off the leash on a walk.

IoT devices are as smart as their manufacturers make them. As the industry grows, a robust network with a global reach is more important than ever.

We wanted to find a way to describe the smart devices that we design, build, and connect, and how the tech is linked together: and “Smart Tech” was born.

Our Smart Tech devices are beautifully designed that fit perfectly into your life. They’re designed to improve everyday living, so you can connect for a better future.

Vodafone has a range of Smart Tech devices, connected to the internet by the Vodafone Smart SIM.

This Smart SIM connects to your phone using our trusted global network, so it can stay connected from a distance and be used abroad. Unlike Bluetooth-only devices that can't be too far from your phone, Vodafone Smart Tech keeps you close to the people and things you love when you're far apart.


Each Smart Device uses a Smart SIM, which is connected to our network and paid for by a subscription which is added to your monthly bill.