Halving our environmental impact

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Climate change is real, and urgent action is required to address it. We believe our business performance shouldn’t impact negatively on the environment. We want to contribute to a sustainable future for all, so we’re positive we can halve our impact on the environment by 2025.

Our Internet of Things (IoT) also helps our customers cut millions of tonnes of CO2 each year through initiatives such as smart energy meters, street lighting and logistics.


Reducing our impact

To reduce our operational impact, we’re upgrading our network to use more energy-efficient equipment, investing in on-site renewable energy, and exploring the switch to electric vehicles.

Our UK business is powered by 10% renewable energy generated on-site by our two windfarms. By 2025, we’re aiming to source 100%.

E-waste is a significant and increasing environmental issue as technology continues to develop fast. Our network constantly needs updating to keep pace with demand for our services and devices become outdated quickly. Because of this, we’ve committed to reusing, reselling or recycling 100% of our network waste by 2025.


Low-carbon business

Smart logistics cuts CO2

By connecting vehicles to the internet, our smart logistics solution helps fleet managers monitor driving routes, style, safety and fuel use – improving efficiency, cutting fuel and CO2.


How we cut our CO2

Smart buildings save energy

We’re connecting equipment in multiple buildings through our network to give unrivalled real-time insight into energy use and help reduce energy and costs.


How our buildings save energy

Single use plastic

Plastic is an amazing, transformative material, which has enabled huge advances across society. But too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Around the world, public attention has turned to unnecessary plastics use, single use disposable items and excessive waste in general. 

We are committing to eliminating all non-essential plastics and disposable items across all our retail stores and offices by April 2020.


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