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The Great British Tech Appeal

Did you know that around 1 million people in the UK don’t have a phone, tablet or a reliable internet connection? This means they can’t access remote learning, basic services, or even connect with the people they rely on for support.

The Great British Tech Appeal aims to change that. It collects, cleans and re-boxes old phones and tablets donated by the public and business. With the help of Barnardo’s, we then get these devices to families in need, along with six months of free data.

Thank you to everyone who supported. You helped almost 2,500 people and counting

Inspiring the next generation of women into our industry

Telecommunications, like many STEM industries, tends to be male dominated. For every 100 men in STEM careers, there’s only 13 women.

To inspire the next generation of female talent into our industry, we launched Code Like a Girl. This one-week immersive workshop helps girls (14-18 years) learn basic digital skills, including how to code a website.

So far, more than 160 girls have completed the training in the UK and over 600 globally. The programme is running in 18 countries in Europe, India and Middle East. 

Flying the LGBT+ flag

We stand in solidarity with the LGBT+ community, and proudly fly the flag at Pride festivals each year. We’re a Stonewall top 100 LGBT+ inclusive organisation (#19 in 2020) and a Stonewall top global employer.

Our research found that over half of people (58%) don’t feel they can be open about their sexuality at work. So, we’ve added training for managers and a buddy scheme to our LGBT+ Friends Connect program. Read our report

Helping people at risk of domestic abuse

In the UK, one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Men are also victims and it affects every aspect of a person's life, including their children. It's happening everyday but most people don't know how to deal with it.

The Vodafone UK Foundation (UK registered charity 1186134) worked closely with Hestia – a domestic violence charity – to create the Bright Sky app. The app, for people in abusive relationships, helps users assess how safe they are. It then links them to local services so they can get help. Download Bright Sky now on the App Store or Google Play Store

The Bright Sky app follows years of work developing TecSOS - a mobile device that connects people at the highest risk of abuse directly to the police. Find out more about TecSOS