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Creating a healthier, safer, low-carbon society

Now more than ever, technology is being created to solve some of society’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. Advances in mobile tech, big data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are game-changers. 

Vodafone is a global leader in mobile tech and IoT with over 30 years’ experience of connecting people, places and things. Our business, along with our charity, the Vodafone Foundation (UK registered charity (108962), are tapping into this expertise to develop technology that’s creating a healthier, safer, low-carbon society. 

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Connected Living with Mencap

At Vodafone, we are always looking to be better.

Together with Mencap, we started the Connected Living project to support people with learning disabilities. We want to use the power of new technology to help people live safer and more independent lives.

Throughout the project, we relied on real feedback. And as a result, we have empowered people living with learning disabilities to live a connected life in the way they choose.


Mobile app speeds up cancer research

The Vodafone Foundation is working with researchers at Imperial College London to develop personalised cancer treatment using the processing power of smartphones.

New science suggests that tailoring cancer treatment based on a person’s DNA, rather than where in the body the cancer is, could make it more effective.

The DreamLab app is making this cutting-edge research possible by harnessing the power of smartphones to run millions of calculations to match genetic profiles with possible combinations of cancer drugs. The app then uploads the results to Imperial College.

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Download the DreamLab app and help fight cancer while you sleep.

IoT makes people and places safer

Our IoT is connecting cars, homes, animals, property and outdoor spaces to the internet, making society safer and more secure.

Big Data helps local authorities improve services

Big Data is a mass of various types of information that can be analysed to reveal
trends and patterns that inform decision-making.

We’re working with specialist analytics companies to help local authorities make sense of this information, so they can improve or design new, better public services. For example, we’re helping local authorities: 

•    Tackle air pollution – by understanding the causes of pollution to identify hotspots and design a targeted pollution reduction strategy in response

•    Improve well-being –  by exploring trends in people’s movements and the use of transport to create campaigns that encourage positive behaviour change

•    Reduce congestion – by looking at all types of transport to understand the causes of congestion and develop alternative transport systems to help reduce it

Respecting our customers’ privacy

We recognise people have concerns about how their personal information is collected and used. Respecting our customers’ privacy is a top priority for us. Any big data analysis is just that – big. It’s looking at trends of a population as a whole, not individuals, and insight is always anonymous. For more on our commitment to people’s privacy, see Vodafone’s Privacy Portal

Low-carbon business

Communication technologies, in particular IoT, could play a big role in combatting climate change by reducing greenhouse emissions.

Vodafone’s IoT– such as smart energy metres, street lighting and logistics – helped avoid 5.3 million tonnes of CO2e globally in 2018 alone. That’s the same as taking over one million cars off the road for a year.  We’re also working hard to cut the carbon impact of our business.
Smart logistics cuts CO2

By connecting vehicles to the internet, our smart logistics solution helps fleet managers monitor driving routes, style, safety and fuel use – improving efficiency, cutting fuel and CO2.


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Smart buildings save energy

We’re connecting equipment in multiple buildings through our network to give unrivalled real-time insight into energy use and help reduce energy and costs.


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Moving to renewable

Our UK business is powered on 10% renewable energy generated on-site at our two wind farms – and we’re aiming to source 100% renewable electricity by 2025.


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