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We believe in a connected digital society, with a quick and free flow of information – connecting people, communities and things to the internet like never before. With the largest Gigabit Networks, and our Internet of Things (IoT) working together, we can bring together incredible ideas, innovations and technologies that help improve society. 

IoT makes people and places safer

Our IoT is connecting cars, homes, animals, property and outdoor spaces to the internet, making society safer and more secure.

How can the UK become a leading tech hub of the future? Read the Digital Supertowns research and the Brain Gain report to find out.

Digital Supertowns

Download [PDF: 3.9 MB]

Helping your family live a happy and safe digital life

Our online world brings endless possibilities. But with those possibilities there’s also a growing concern about its societal impact. That’s why we’re providing your family, and other families across the UK, with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the online world safely.