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Vodafone Techstarter Social Innovation Award 2018-19

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Supporting innovations that make a difference

Vodafone Techstarter provides UK-based social tech ventures and charities the chance to secure funding and access to expertise – to help them take transformational ideas from start-up to scale-up. 

The response to our inaugural call for entries was outstanding – over 250 for-profit and not-for-profit ventures have showed us how they’re creating technology solutions that have the potential to transform lives or support a more sustainable future. We announced the Vodafone Techstarter Top 50 in November and out of those ventures twelve finalists were chosen to move to the next stage of the competition.


Meet the Vodafone Techstarter Top 50

We’re proud to unveil our shortlist of the Techstarter Top 50.  See each category and find out how these innovative tech ventures are making a difference in the areas of health and well-being, education, environment and social mobility.


Health and Wellbeing

Action On Blood

Guiding healthcare for ethnic minorities

Adia Health Limited

Reproductive health

AE Partners Ltd.

Support for elderly people

Aergo Ltd.

Relief for wheelchair users


Helping people with autism

Balsamee Ltd.

Mental Health care for young people

BFB Labs

Gaming that tackles anxiety

FRUK Life Ltd.

Adventure games for health


Running for good

Memory Tracks Ltd

Life-changing songs 

Mental Snapp

A diary for managing mental health

MindBerry Group Limited

Reformed mental health care

Nightingale Software Ltd.

An app for students’ health

Owlett Ltd.

Support for blind people

Playlist for Life

Therapeutic music app

PolyPhotonix Ltd.

Treating diabetic vision loss

Good Loop Ltd.

Ads for a better world

TapSOS Ltd

One-tap emergency services 

The Children's Society

Managing anxiety with VR

United Response Social Me

Social care and inclusion

Virtue (VRTU LTD)

Memories recalled with VR 


Guide for visually-impaired

Walk with Path

Orthopaedic shoe to improve balance

WESC Foundation

Audio till for people with sight loss


Filisia Interfaces

Brain-training activities

Full Fact

Reformed fact-checking

Interplay Theatre Trust

Engaging students with disabilities

Ogenblik Ltd.

Helping children with ADHD

Simply Do Ideas Ltd

Supporting youth employment

Environment and Sustainability

BlakBear Ltd.

Sustainable yield increase

Clean Energy Prospector Ltd.

Renewables in new estates 

Eyecademy Limited

Platform for tracing goods

Green Impact Technologies

Boosting sustainable living

LettUs Grow

Feeding the next generation

One Cherry Ltd.

Online marketplace for good

Supply Change

Site for safer procurement

Social Mobility and Community

50 Eight Limited

Helping migrant job-seekers

Alexandra Rose Charity

Vouchers for a healthy diet

Alice SI Ltd

Transparent social funding

Connected Homeless

Program to end homelessness


Boosting financial security

Esther Women Ltd.

A direct donation platform


Support for unpaid carers

Gigachain Ltd.

Workers paid transparently

Marks Out Of Tenancy

Review platform for tenants

Quench Salisbury Ltd.

Empowering communities

Shelter Scotland

Addressing housing issues


A better financial society

Code 4000

Reintegrating ex-offenders

The Integrate Agency CIC

Accessible cybersecurity