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Keeping rural communities connected with Rural Open Sure Signal

What's Open Sure Signal?

An Open Sure Signal unit is a larger version of our standard Sure Signal (which creates a 3G signal in your home or small office). It’s also ‘open’, so as long as you’re within range and have a 3G device, you’ll automatically connect to it. This means that you’ll be able to make clear calls and get online in rural locations where you couldn’t before.

Why Open Sure Signal?

Lots of rural communities sit in areas with geographical challenges, meaning the signal from our masts can’t reach them.

Some of these communities, along with many national parks and trusts, don’t like the idea of a big mast on their land. But Open Sure Signal is much smaller and more discreet – the ideal remedy for blackspots in these rural locations.

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Community Indoor Sure Signal

Whether the heart of your rural community is the local pub or the village hall, if it has a weak indoor mobile signal, Vodafone can help. Community Indoor Sure Signal brings reliable indoor 3G coverage to your area.

See how we helped The Bear and Ragged Staff pub in Bransford, Worcester.

Community Indoor Sure Signal

Where is Open Sure Signal?

Check the map to find areas near you that now enjoy Rural Open Sure Signal.


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