Features | 07 Sep 2018

#FamilySquad: The parents using tech to upgrade family life

We've been asking some of the web's most social media-savvy parents how they use tech to make looking after their kids easier – and more fun – than ever...

When it comes to technology, there are so many questions for parents when thinking about introducing it to their children. From shared calendars to educational apps, and homework helpers to activity trackers, finding the right tech can help make parenting easier, smarter, and more fun than ever.
But which tools, apps and tech should you be using? We’ve teamed up with some of social media’s most digitally-savvy parents to find out…

Parenting 2.0

Our intrepid #FamilySquad is made up of the most active Instagrammers, Tweeters and influencers in the world of parenting. Between now and the end of October, we’ll be following them as they discuss all things family, to see how creatively they use the digital tools at their disposal to do everything from curing boredom, to helping with homework.
It’s all in the name of shining a positive light on the smartphones, tablets and connections in our lives – tools which can sometimes be seen as negatives in the parenting space. But we think that couldn’t be further from the truth: in fact, when you put the right tech to the right use, the whole family benefits!
Here’s all the #FamilySquad ‘who’s, ‘what’s, and ‘how’s you need to know, in three easy steps:

1. The families

Five influential names in the world of digital parenting, hundreds of thousands of followers, and a whole lot of creativity…
Alex Lewis
Alex is one half of a parenting social media sensation, and it’s all thanks to the pair’s whirlwind younger members. Triplets Annabella Rose, Florence Violet & Lottie Bluebell joined the pair’s five-year-old son Harry on 6 April last year, ensuring there’s never a quiet moment in the Lewis household.
Vicki Psarias
Vicki’s a multi award-winning social media mogul, influencer, author, and TV personality. And, somehow, she still finds time to be an awesome mum to sons Oliver, 8 and Alexander, 5. Her book, MumBoss, which shines a light on how to balance work and motherhood, was a #1 bestseller when it launched earlier this year.
Fritha Quinn
Fritha’s a multi award-winning influencer, whose site garners thousands of reads for her inspirational posts about parenting, fashion, home decor, and everything in-between! She lives in Bristol with husband Tom, son Wilf, 6, and daughter Mabli, 2. Oh, and two ‘fat’ cats –Rockie and Maddie.
Zoë de Pass
Zoe’s a fashion-obsessed mum who’s blog and Instagram page – Dress Like A Mum – aims to rid the world of the stereotype surrounding ‘mumsy’ clothing. “I want to change the bad rep and perception that mums can’t dress,” she says, “that we automatically lose our sense of style and our passion for fashion just because we have a kid or two.”
Gregory Stanton
London Dad, otherwise known as Gregory Stanton, posts about the daily ins and outs of parenting his two young children – from quick and easy recipe ideas, to family holidays and finances. As he puts it: “The only thing edited is the pictures. Parenthood is real so we stay genuine.”

2. The tech topics

Our #FamilySquad will be exploring several areas of digital parenting over the next three months. We’re keeping what’s in store for September and October under wraps for now, but here’s what they got up to in August:
August was all about the outside world. How do they transform the garden into a young explorer’s paradise when the sun calls? From close up photography knowhow, to essential apps, how do they spark imagination in the garden? Our parents went out into the wild to show us how to make the most of tech when exploring nature.

3. The results

You can catch up with all of our parenting superstars on their own channels, or by keeping a beady eye on @VodafoneUK on Instagram, where we’ll be using the #FamilySquad hashtag to share what our digital families have been learning.
Want to get involved yourself? You can use that same hashtag to share your inventive, tech-based parenting solutions as we go along! We’ll be sharing some of the best videos and photos right here on this page. Watch this space!

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