News | 11 Jan 2022

Remote surgery pioneer Proximie aims higher with Vodafone

A 5G-assisted training session for cancer specialists in Wales was just the start of Vodafone and Proximie’s partnership, not the end.

Vodafone and Proximie have committed to rolling out a network of connected operating theatres so medical staff can remotely assist each other with procedures and training. The partnership follows a successful trial in Wales where hospitals used Proximie’s technology running over Vodafone 5G.

By using Proximie’s software and hardware over Vodafone’s low-latency 5G network, clinicians can share knowledge and best practice quickly and easily so as to help improve outcomes for patients. By partnering with Vodafone, Proximie will be able to offer its technology to more hospitals and clinicians.

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, Founder and CEO of Proximie, said: “Proximie has started 2022 with huge momentum with this latest partnership announcement. Having the best connectivity is imperative for delivering digital health services at scale, so we are thrilled to partner with Vodafone Business to leverage its 5G capabilities and cutting-edge technologies such as Edge Computing.”

Mark Allinson, Business Development Director, Vodafone Business, said: “We understand the critical role technology will play in transforming healthcare and, by bringing together Proximie’s expertise and Vodafone’s capabilities, we can accelerate the innovation needed to the drive efficiencies and improve patient care.”

Vodafone has also demonstrated how 5G can help educate graduate-level healthcare trainees at Coventry University’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

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