Protecting at-risk women

Using mobile technology to help protect women at risk

For many victims of domestic violence, the fear of abuse impacts severely on their lives, leading to depression and anxiety.

Our TecSOS mobile is designed to help. Working in conjunction with police forces around the country, it’s a mobile phone that enables the user to call the police using a single central button. The call is flagged to the call handler as coming from a TecSOS phone and is given special priority. The handler can see the caller’s case history and location, enabling the police to respond more effectively. The call can also be made covertly, from a pocket for example, and even if the caller cannot talk, the police are still alerted and officers dispatched.

Made available and funded by the Vodafone Group Foundation, TecSOS has been used by around 32,000 women across six European countries. In the UK, it is being used by 26 police forces and more than 7,000 victims of domestic violence. You can find out more about TecSOS here