Making our products accessible

We want everyone to benefit from mobile technology

Making our products accessible - BlackBerry phone

We’re committed to making sure as many people as possible can enjoy the benefits of mobile technology. Sometimes using a mobile can be difficult for elderly customers or those with sight, hearing or other physical difficulties. We want to make it easy for these customers to use our products and services.

All our customer-facing employees understand the range of products and services we offer customers with disabilities. We also have a team of more than 30 advisers with more advanced training in disability issues. They help customers get the best out of their phones and can recommend smartphones with more accessible audio or visual features.

Elderly customers and those with restricted hearing, speech or vision or limited dexterity or mobility can call our dedicated accessibility team on 0333 304 3222 free from their Vodafone mobile (standard call charges apply from other mobiles or landlines) or visit the accessibility section of our website.