Open communications

Our employees feel free to voice their opinions

Regular dialogue with our employees keeps them up to date with changes in the business, new products and offers for our customers, and fun things like fundraising activities and employee competitions. Dialogue means two–way conversations, so we also want to know what our employees think about us and benefit from their ideas. So we’ve created a culture where employees feel free to speak their minds and contribute.

We especially want to know what we should be doing to get closer to our customers. Our frontline advisers have a wealth of knowledge about our customers and we want to give them an opportunity to voice these thoughts and ideas directly to the leadership team.

We’ve launched an online forum for all of our employees where they can let us know how we can improve our customer experience. Anyone can submit a suggestion – then it’s up for discussion. The Customer Experience Management team monitors the dialogue and addresses issues without any unnecessary delays.

For issues affecting our employees, we have our Employee Consultative Council, a group of elected employee representatives who meet quarterly. Our CEO attends every meeting.

Everyone, including the CEO and senior leadership team, shares the same flexible space in a completely open plan environment so there’s no barrier to collaboration and the exchange of ideas. There are no personal offices in any of our buildings. People are free to work within their own teams, sit with another team, or simply find somewhere quiet to get on with things in one of our coffee areas or lounges.

To find out more about the way we work, take a look at Vodafone Social, the official Vodafone UK blog.

Measuring employee engagement

In 2013, 84% of our employees participated in the survey. We used the results to calculate an overall score for how engaged our employees are with their jobs and the company. The higher the score, the more engaged our employees. The result for 2013 was 72 out of 100, compared with 73 in 2012.

Given the level of change we’ve been through with the integration of our fixed line and mobile business, we’re pleased with this result but there is clearly more work to be done. For example, our aim is to operate with speed, simplicity and trust. While our overall score for trust was relatively high at 60, the results for speed and simplicity were 47 and 38 respectively.

However, we were pleased that 90% of our employees felt that people were treated fairly at Vodafone regardless of background, that 81% say they know what results are expected of them, and that the same percentage feel there is good co-operation between teams.

Employment tribunals

When issues are brought before an employment tribunal we need to learn from them, whatever the outcome.

During 2013/14, there were 28 cases brought before an employment tribunal. Of these, 12 cases were settled before going to tribunal, one was dismissed and three were found in Vodafone’s favour. The remaining 12 cases are ongoing. No cases were judged against Vodafone.

With a total of 11,600 employees, cases of this kind are relatively few. We carefully monitor them and, whatever the outcome, use the experience and knowledge we’ve gained to improve our practices.