Opportunities to develop

Good for employees, good for customers

All our employees can benefit from learning and development opportunities – it’s good for them and it’s good for Vodafone. It helps them in their future careers and it means they gain the skills and confidence to meet changing customer requirements and adapt to new and challenging business environments.

We offer training and education to people at all levels of the company, whatever their role. We provide online learning so employees can work at their own pace. We also support employees looking for development through National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs), degrees and a wide range of professional development programmes.

In 2013/14, we spent £2 million on training, not quite as much as we did in the year before when we spent £2.4 million.

Employees set annual performance objectives with their managers in the spring and receive a performance appraisal twice a year. We continue to focus on development and performance objectives that make a real difference to the business and help focus people’s day-to-day work on delivering the company’s business strategy.

Rewards and benefits

Offering competitive pay and benefits helps us attract, retain and motivate talented people. We regularly compare what we offer against similar companies. We tailor employee pay according to performance and benefits according to different employee needs. Employees can create their own personal benefits package and our buying power means we can offer great deals on a range of choices from dental insurance to child care vouchers.

Our apprenticeship scheme

Our apprentice scheme gives enthusiastic students an opportunity to undertake apprenticeships in IT, telecoms, field engineering and customer operations. As well as gaining valuable work experience, our apprentices work with mentors and coaches to gain their Level 2/3 or 4 National Vocational Qualifications. We have a variety of schemes available, ranging from 18 months to four years. We also have 10 students studying for a Foundation degree in IT in conjunction with Staffordshire University. We are looking at ways to expand this scheme further. Overall we’ve taken on 83 apprentices over the past two years and as the scheme has been so successful, we’re looking at expanding it. So far, all our apprentices have stayed with us after completing their apprenticeships.

Our graduate programme

Our graduate programme is focused on developing future leaders. This year it offered 88 graduates an opportunity to experience our business through a two-year rotation plan. Candidates spend their first two months working in one of our retail stores to get a true picture of our customer experience. They then move onto a pair of five-month placements in our HQ, followed by a one-year placement.

We’ve employed 279 graduates since 2010. So far 90% of our graduates have stayed with us after completing the programme.